Monday, March 26, 2012

Wow! Long time, no post!

I have been chugging along with life, training for my half marathon which is coming in less than 8 weeks now.  I have completed a 9 mile run this past week.  In almost 3 months of training, I have ran 268.61 miles and have lost all but 1 pound I desired to lose.  I have been running 5-6 days a week and averaging 20-25 miles per week.  I figured I would run 400 miles training for my half marathon and I am on target to do so, if not wore.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Weekend Ramblings

I will start this with the highlight - Thursday we had our month #2 weigh in.  I was at a minus 15 lbs even.  My dear husband has lost nearly as much.  I have logged 180 miles in 60 days, averaging 3 miles a day.

So Thursday was a busy day for me, wake up for weigh-in, Moms Club board meeting followed by grocery shopping for 2 weeks with 2 kids (note that my 4 yo won't walk for the grocery trip, so this makes me babywear my 22 lb 21 month old).  We got home to put groceries away, eat lunch, run and go get the school age kid.

Friday was just as busy except my littlest one slept in so I could run in the morning.  We had to take the oldest to school, drop off a book for a friend, run to the grocery store for a few forgotten items, Moms Club play group, then to pick the in-laws up at the airport.  The flight was delayed 1/2 an hour (not bag), so I distracted the girls with apples, coloring and stickers.  We had a later than normal lunch and bearly got home to lay the little one down for a minute when we needed to leave to go get the eldest from school.

Saturday we ran to Sam's to pick up paper towels, toilet paper, kleenex & diaper.  The cashier LOST my Sam's Club card.  (WTF?!  How is that possible?!) - Dylan was screaming 1/2 the time- they charged for me for 2 packs of paper towels (at nearly $20 a pop), so I had to go to customer service to get my $$ back.  Dylan is screaming for milk or juice and of course I left w/o a sippy cup.  We go to the van to find a vehicle next to us leaving - and leaving their cart parked up against our van (thank you so very much lazy people!!!), also the truck on the other side parked so close I could bearly get my skinner booty into the drivers side door.  Grrrr!!!  We ran next store to Wal-Mart and got a 3 pack of the entirely over priced Tummy Ticklers juice with the fancy character tops (Tinkerbell & friends pack).  After this quieted Dylan down, I ran to Starbucks to soothe MY soul!

Got home and worked on eldest child's sight words, fixed lunch in the way of a butterfly, heart and elephant shaped sandwiches (thanks to those shaped sandwich cutters).  I made them PB & honey, PB & jelly as well as PB & nutella.  After lunch little one takes a snooze while I get in 3 miles and throw some hair color on, begin painting the girls nails when the little one wakes.  While I am painting her sisters nails Dylan unscrews a lid and gets paint on her too short hand me down shirt.  Guess that one can't be passed on to anyone else....  I shower.  Throw dinner of fall frozen squash and ranch cicken into the oven.
After dinner we clean the living room & kids bedroom including vacuuming.  I really hate long hair in this situation.  I hate that I get so much hair sucked into the vacuum.  I hate that I have to cut the hair off the brush on the vacuum.

On tomorrow's agenda is to make 2-3 dozen cookies with the girls for a funeral at church.  I am thinking of making a Pinterest recipe what calls for a sugar cookie recipe with half colored and lots of sprinkles!!!  Life is about making memories with your kids, even if they do make a mess in the process....  right?