Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's talk about food!

This seems to be a subject I have been thinking about lately. I think I overdid salty foods and was retaining a crazy amount of water... that and another lovely PG side effect made the scale ready several pounds heavier than it did this morning (::exhale:: what a relief!).

So, I have several blogs and websites that I follow to check out new recipes. I love food and love to cook, so the more the merrier! Here is a list of what look at for inspiration: (the title is funy to me since my H would say I am a cookbook/recipe addict too!)
Then the regular websites:

I have been compiling a list of recipes that I want to make before this little wiggle worm comes out. I have talked to neighbors who I have previously done a freezer cooking night with to confirm a date, talked with Moms Club about maybe planning a freezer cooking night before baby comes out and I have a date with another PG Mom who is also in need of making backup meals like I am.

However.... I have 24 meals on my menu list. My H thinks that is too much. He said that when I do it now, it is 5-6 meals and it takes us 3 months to eat those.... but that is not with a newborn in the house! I asked my sister's opinion (Mom of 6) and she thought that 24 meals was NOT excessive.... I know that a couple friends brought meals after Alex was born which was awesome. I honestly think that getting food after the birth of a baby is the #1 gift a new Mom (or an old Mom w/ multiple kids) can get! So... instead of assuming that anyone would do this for me (after Taylor the only meal was muffins MIL made for us - which I am not complaining - they were GREAT!). Maybe it was also because we had just moved and I didn't know anyone yet too.

Of course, all the meals depend on freezer space too. It appears that since we got a pig this fall, we have such limited freezer space. I wanted to buy another deep freeze, but the H said that since we are getting a new fridge for the kitchen, the old fridge will become a garage fridge which will increase my freezer space by one fridge freezer..... (really?!) I cannot complain, we have two fridge freezers, full and a stand up deep freeze full.... The basement fridge freezer is where all my freezer meals go now, unless I run out of space.....

Here is another dilemia on that. I heard of a federal tax incentive on appliances to be offered after April 15th. I really hate to wait so long to make the bulk of my meals.... BUT I did have 13 meals in the freezer when Taylor was born and did it all in the week before her birth since I found out my induction date 5 days before her birth. I guess if I did it then, I can do it now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another belly pic

Holy Cow, is that thing getting big!
24 weeks, 5 days

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yet another belly pic

This picture was taken at 23 weeks, 4 days. Any guesses on baby's gender?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life of a SAHM...

So, today is a pretty typical day in the life of a SAHM, so I am going to give you a rundown of my day....

Woke at 5:30 because I am PG and about every other day I cannot/do not sleep well. Since I was up, I came downstairs to try out our new treadmill and walked a mile - took me 22 minutes, but I walked a mile and increased the incline with every 1/4 mile I walked. Got done, played on the computer, went upstairs and got some cereal before I fainted. Took a shower, got dressed, did my hair & make up. Waited for the girls to get up. Alex got up first, she cuddled for a long while as we watched the Today show and she drank her hot cocoa.

Taylor woke and had her chocolate milk. Got the girls dressed and ready to leave. Oh - that was not before a tantrum by Alex because she couldn't pick whatever dress out of her closet to wear. So, she got a nose-in-the-corner time out, which is works best these days. Neither girl wants to eat breakfast, so I don't push it because they are both terrible breakfast eaters. I separate laundry and throw a load in before I leave. I hate to see dirty laundry sit.

Left for Moms Club Business Meeting. Had to leave twice to pee (once after the "meeting" part was over). Of course, the first time, my two year old decides that she also has to "Pee Now" as she says. So, I missed a bit due to mine and her pee trips.

Get home and I am STARVING! I wanted to warm up leftover kneophlia soup. Alex wants biscuits, so I eat a fiber bar and wait for the biscuits to cook and we have kneoplia soup and biscuits for lunch. Clean up the kids after lunch, throw the dishes in the sink. Turn cartoons on for the girls so I can switch and fold laundry. I also put away their clothes from the other day. I hate to put clothes away.

Come downstairs where Mommy has some computer time and the girls play in the toy room. Then it is time for Taylor's nap - which we go upstairs for. Alex will not stop talking to let Taylor get comfortable, so she gets to sit on her bed... she doesn't fall asleep, but is quiet and lays there until I lay Taylor down. I then fold the last load of laundry that is in the dryer. De bone the leftover rotisserie chicken that is in our fridge, take out some carrots and slice them, get corn and peas out of the freezer. This is dinner tonight. I will mix the chicken and veggies with cream of chicken and use crescent roll dough for top and bottom crust of a chicken pot pie. Until then... I am updating my blog while Alex watches cartoons as quiet time and Taylor naps.

I am working out, again!

My H really wanted a treadmill, so we used our Christmas money, plus our soon to be earned tax return and bought one on Monday. Monday night H's BIL had to come over to help my poor H get the box down the stairs and Tuesday while we left for a playgroup, H got the thing set up. The salesman said it was really simple, my not so mechanically inclined husband said it was not so easy.

However, it is set up and in our computer room with the eliptical machine now. I also got my way in the placement of the machines in the room, which H never got even though I tried to explain this to him over and over. So, I walked a mile yesterday and I walked a mile this morning. I know that even if I eat right and exercise, I will continue to gain weight.... :o) I guess I am hoping that walking helps with stress relief and maybe - just maybe slow weight gain?

I had my mind set on a number to gain this PG. Well, if I gain 10 more pounds, I am there. Yeah, at 23 weeks pregnant, I am thinking the chances of exceeding that number are pretty high. Oh well, I can just hope that the weight melts off after like it did after my previous two kids. I did start this pregnancy 14 lbs less than I did with Alex (#1) and 10 lbs less than I did with Taylor (#2), so even if I only lose my "baby weight," I will be sitting almost at my goal! I don't know if I need to add, but I feel that I should also say that I also gained 10 lbs less with #2 than I did #1. That is where my # came from - 10 lbs less than baby #2.

However, I have 16 more weeks of pregnancy and feeling this amazing little wiggle worm wiggle and kick until I have to worry about that.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Snowy days at the zoo!

Today was a high in the 40's here in snowy North Dakota.
The Dakota Zoo is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday's, so we bundled up and went for a snow walk. We even walked to see the buffalo since Taylor loves buffalo! The path that goes out there is a mile long, so the girls and I all walked over a mile today at the zoo!!! Taylor was getting tired and kept asking me to hold her, I would try and make it about 15 feet before I couldn't do it anymore...
~ The girls walking the path to see the buffalo~

~Again, on the path, a little sisterly love here~

Taylor's classic "Cheese" face.

Yes, I do allow my kids to wear character clothes. :o)

Alex, being Alex...
Such a pretty snow bunny!

Another snowy walk....

The girls walking...

The Buffalo!
They are at the end of the mile path, but it is worth it!

The bears
They were busy digging....

The tigers were very active...

Another tiger view - a close up.

The tigers were watching us!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Basketball anyone?

22 weeks, 5 days PG w/ baby #3
So, I think I swollowed a basketball.... anyone missing one?
I didn't think I looked so round anymore, but I was wrong.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank God for Friends!

Well, it has been a rocky road with my H and his Dad. Or should I say his Dad's health. It has been a scary few days. It really made me think that one of our parents mortality may be at stake. Really, as kids you never imagine life without your parent. In so many ways, I feel like a 32 year old kid - who no longer lives with my parents. It is hard at times to grasp that I am a parent myself and not the kid anymore. Well, my H decided that he was going to go be with his father while he was in the ICU (as he should). It was also decided that since we had plans here, we would stay. There would be nothing for the girls to do at H's Aunt's house - and I would be sitting there all day with the kidlets. So, Thank God for Friends. Last night Alex had gymnastics, today we had a playdate with friends. Tomorrow is craft day and Friday is play time at the mall. I am super thankful for friends and people to keep me and my kids busy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

We saw the baby!

Here are some pictures from our ultrsound this morning!
Here is baby's body in profile.
Here is baby's face in profile.

Here is baby's face looking at you.

We did not find out the gender of the baby, we are team green as we were with both girls.
So, if we have a girl, we are set.... just not many items for summer.
If we have a boy he will wear white onsies, yellow and green for the first few months. :o)
I had tears just looking at baby though!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Wade!

Today is my hubby's birthday! Lucky him, the high temp is -10 today. Did I mention that he is outside a lot with his job? Well, he broke out long johns to wear today. He said that he has only worn them on nights and never days. Brrr! I am a wuss, so I'd probably have them on when it is 40 degrees ABOVE zero! :o)

So, the highlight is that he drove himself and he will get off work early today. Downside is that 1) I have not wrapped a single present for him. 2) I have not bought cake mix yet. 3) I still have 2 gifts that I need to run and get. In my defense, we were snowed in yesterday and I had a kid recovering from the stomach flu, not exactly going out shopping kind of day. So.... I guess we will brave the arctic and go out today, it just better include Starbucks. What kind of day doesn't include Starbucks?!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Fixed!

The furnace is fixed! After 5 nights of manually lighting it, the tech came and fixed it yesterday. Yesterday Alex also got the stomach bug her sis had.... she seems better now. So... if we can just get through all the snow we will be set!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm impatient!

Grr! I just want to scream. Seriously! I have gotten so much exercise the past 5 days going up and down the damn stairs. I go down to turn the furnace off since it clicks on but blows cold air (and leaks gas), then back up. Down to turn it back on - and back up. Down to waste time on the computer, up to eat.

I really am impatient at waiting. I hate to be late and I hate waiting on people. I hate to be stuck in the house, I hate not being able to go anywhere until after the heating guy comes.

Right now, the part should come in to the heating company in about an hour (or so they say), then they will call and come over. Can I cry now? I want this to be over and have heat without thinking about it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Still waiting.... (for heat!)

I really hate to say that heat is something that we all take for granted. The heater clicks on, blows hot air and it is all white noise. It is not something that we pay attention to - until it is not there....
So, the tech called and the part that is needed to fix our furnace is MIA. It was shipped from Minneapolis on Thursday and is not here. I could have drove it faster, seriously! Well, I was probably the most calm I have ever been when the tech called and told me this news. Normally I may have been a B!tch to the bearer, but I guess I have learned that this does no good. He ordered a new part and is having it overnighted and should work on it tomorrow.

As I type this, it really makes me want to cry. Cold hands, cold feet and relighting the damn furnace every 2-3 hours. Poor Wade has been up doing it at night while I man the kids upstairs. However we have had to sleep with the doors open to ensure heat movement to all people. I just want heat. Heat that you don't think about but is just there. I want to come home and assume that my house will be 73 like I set it as opposed to the 63 it was when we got home New Years Eve.....

What a weekend!

So, what I am classifying as our weekend started about 10 pm on Wednesday night. Wade was working and for some reason I looked at the thermostat before going to bed. It read 71 or 72 which I thought was odd since it is programed to run at 73. I tried to move the temp up with no avail.... I called Wade at work and followed his suggestions (replace the batteries in the thermostat, check the breaker, etc). Nothing. So, I got off the phone and called my Father-in-law to help. He came over and spent about an hour and a half with only coming with the automatic start must have went out. If you turned it off and them on, it fired up though.... so every 2 hours through the night, I was up running to the basement to restart the heat.

New Years Eve, Wade slept after getting off work and dealing with the heating guy who told him they had to order a new control box. So.... 4 more days of having to manually start the heat. We went to do a little shopping, then to dinner. We ran home to make a dip and get ready to go out for New Years. Thankfully it was a family party that the kids were invited to. We didn't leave until 1:30 am! Ouch!

Well, not suprisingly, we all slept in the next day.... well, with the exception of waking at 8:30 with the upstairs at 60 degrees. Too cold even to sleep! We had a space heater directed down the hall, but it was giving the thermostat a false reading, so it clicked off (when lit) before it was up to temp. I did start cinnamon rolls at 10:30 when I woke up because I was craving them. We ate breakfast at 1:30 pm! :o)

Saturday morning, I woke at about 2:45 or so to the sounds of Taylor puking... I was up with her until about 5:30, enduring 6 or so pukes, a bath, a load of laundry, 4 blankets and 3 or more pajama changes. I then took her downstairs to Wade and asked him to teke her so I could get some sleep. Little did I know then that he watched TV downstairs (to man the furnace) until about 2 am. So, Taylor and Wade slept in Saturday.... Saturday was filled with Taylor puking and Wade starting to not feel so good. Wade was supposed to go ice fishing, so he had shown me the night before how to light the furnace, but decided not to go when it was -10 outside (without windchill). Saturday night I decided it was time to take the Christmas clutter down. Wade was not on board since he did not feel good, but I wanted it gone. Alex and I then took everything down and Wade got the boxes out for me (behind the couch, under the stairs in the basement), then carried the full boxes back downstairs.

Sunday Taylor started to feel better.... Wade and Tay slept downstairs Saturday night and slept in until 10:40! I used that time to clean the upstairs. I swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom, removed Taylor's booster seat and cleaned it and the chair it is on, vacuumed, etc. I am tahnkful that Alex was good and watched cartoons. We then watched the Vikings win and even though Taylor layed around, she appeared to feel better.

So, this weekend marked 21 weeks pregnant. Here is a belly picture from this morning.