Monday, January 4, 2010

Still waiting.... (for heat!)

I really hate to say that heat is something that we all take for granted. The heater clicks on, blows hot air and it is all white noise. It is not something that we pay attention to - until it is not there....
So, the tech called and the part that is needed to fix our furnace is MIA. It was shipped from Minneapolis on Thursday and is not here. I could have drove it faster, seriously! Well, I was probably the most calm I have ever been when the tech called and told me this news. Normally I may have been a B!tch to the bearer, but I guess I have learned that this does no good. He ordered a new part and is having it overnighted and should work on it tomorrow.

As I type this, it really makes me want to cry. Cold hands, cold feet and relighting the damn furnace every 2-3 hours. Poor Wade has been up doing it at night while I man the kids upstairs. However we have had to sleep with the doors open to ensure heat movement to all people. I just want heat. Heat that you don't think about but is just there. I want to come home and assume that my house will be 73 like I set it as opposed to the 63 it was when we got home New Years Eve.....

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