Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank God for Friends!

Well, it has been a rocky road with my H and his Dad. Or should I say his Dad's health. It has been a scary few days. It really made me think that one of our parents mortality may be at stake. Really, as kids you never imagine life without your parent. In so many ways, I feel like a 32 year old kid - who no longer lives with my parents. It is hard at times to grasp that I am a parent myself and not the kid anymore. Well, my H decided that he was going to go be with his father while he was in the ICU (as he should). It was also decided that since we had plans here, we would stay. There would be nothing for the girls to do at H's Aunt's house - and I would be sitting there all day with the kidlets. So, Thank God for Friends. Last night Alex had gymnastics, today we had a playdate with friends. Tomorrow is craft day and Friday is play time at the mall. I am super thankful for friends and people to keep me and my kids busy!

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