Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thanks Santa!

Well, there goes another Christmas season coming and going... I think the anticipation makes it so special. Gathering with family and friends to enjoy the season. Looking at Christmas lights, enjoying too much candy, finding the perfect gifts. This year I feel that we are truely blessed by what we recieved. I have the best husband ever. He is awesome on gifts!! The kids enjoy thier presents and have been mostly good while enjoying them. Now that Christmas is over, what do we look forward to? Camping??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas gifts

So, the pic of my kids on my blog. Remember me posting about taking them? Well, we did Christmas with the husband's family, well immediate family on Friday. I gave the hubby a framed phot because I was giving his Mom the same pic. He was really surprised that I got the pic taken and that we all kept it a surprise for so long. However, I think that I was more pleased than him. I like to do gifts like that - sentamental ones. Because I would prefer to receive those. Like the year I had Alex, my sister gave me an album filled with pics of her and I growing up. From birth through college. I cried. That was my best gift that year. She had sister and girly quotes through out as well as personal notes on each page. I am a sucker for that stuff. Give me a sweatshirt and it'll keep me warm, but the photos warm my heart.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY baby legs!!!

So a few days ago my friend sent me this link. It is for DIY baby legs. I am in love. I did buy Dylan 3 pairs of knock off baby legs from Target- and 3 pairs of real ones for Christmas... here are the DIY ones.Here is Dylan this morning in her fur trimmed, Christmas legs.
Good thing she is a skinny baby or thick fur on her thighs may give her a complex!
Outfit is complete with her Christmas dancing socks!
Okay, not an outift... I was trying them on after I made them.
I am excited that I got her a pink dress for Christmas that will look good with these ones!
She has light pink danicing socks on in this picture... hard to see though!
These may look black, but they are charcoal grey. I bought them to match the grey in this dress. Of course notice her dancing socks - my other fettish!

Here are the three girls for our Christmas at Grandma's the other night.
Dylan is wearing more homemade baby legs!!

I guess I thought I made 5 - but I also have black and white, so I made her 6 pairs (socks were $2 a pair!!).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis the season....

The girls requested a camp out. Here is a pic of the 3~
Of course, Dylan did not sleep on the floor with Alex & Taylor - but a cute pic was in order! Here are my girls pre-Christmas.
We always have a Christmas with the step-siblings about a week before.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's beginning to look...

... a lot like Christmas! Of course, we already had snow on the ground. The snow we got this weekend was just icing on the cake. Tomorrow's snow - well - what's that?!

I kind of wish that I could put presents under the tree already. I am not too sure my 3 yo and 5 yo would stay out of them. I do know that my 6 mo old would be in the min a heartbeat. I don't have nergy for that.