Monday, October 26, 2009

I guess I am feeling better!

I woke up at 5 am this morning, needing to pee. Unfortunately, at this hour the chances of me going back to sleep are slim. So, I laid there for an hour before getting up and grabbing my workout stuff. I completed 20 minutes on the eliptical. I know I will be hurting this afternoon, but it felt good to burn 200 calories! If I am to stay under 25 lbs weight gain in the next 29 weeks - okay realistically probably 26 or 27 weeks, I know that I will need to workout. That and potty training are on my list for when increased energy strikes me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, today is 11 weeks, 1 day. (I had two natural m/c's one at 6 wks, one at 11.)

Here I am looking foolish in regular jeans (which are still actually too big) and a regular shirt.

I need to clarify that this isn't just ANY shirt. This is my Favre shirt that I ordered in a women's size since I had lost weight prior to this season starting. So, it is skintight now. :o) I did not know I was pregnant when I ordered it or even when it arrived. The first game I was 5 weeks PG though! I have worn this shirt every game for 6 weeks and so far the Vikings are undefeated. My H says that I need to wear it for 15 more weeks (until the Superbowl). I am not sure how that will work at 26 weeks when it shows belly if I move wrong at 11 weeks!

Well, my PG Mommy moment of the day today is that I made coffee for myself, but I wanted about 1/2 a cup coffee and 1/2 milk. Well, it is weaker than that because I forgot to put new coffee grounds in. At least what I used was only 2 days old not 2 weeks! Oh - and in making coffee (nuking the milk), making pancakes on the griddle- apparently all of that cannot be running while the fridge is because I blew the breaker and it took a while for me to figure it out. (Had to have a conversation with a naughty girl in the meantime.) Thankfully we have current breakers not like the fuses I grew up with. Everytime one broke you had to have extras to put in or run to the store a buy them!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall pics

Well, I felt inspired to share a few of the girls fall pictures!!

This first one, is Alex's first Halloween. She was 3 weeks old.

I just gave this outfit to a Moms Club Mommy for her baby to wear. *sniff!*

This obviously is a scanned pic. This was Alex's 1st B-day pics.

And here is Alex at the pumpkin patch in Kansas.
Here is Alex at age 2 when we moved here!!!

This is the girls last year. OMG! Look at the baby baldy!!!
Yes, I am a HUGE dork and bought them matching shirts.

Forward a year and here is baby redhead WITH hair! Notice she is wearing the shirt that Alex did at 2. I'm partial, but what a cutie!!

Just to be fair, here is a picture of Alex this year. This is as good as it got for her.

Sadly, here is the best pic of them together this year. They did not cooperate so well. Maybe next year!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who functions in darkness?

This has been a thought of mine a lot lately. I am so thankful that I am a SAHM and do not HAVE to get up early. Once fall hits and the sunshine does not wake early, either do I. Okay, that is if 1) my husband isn't snoring, 2) my kids do not wake me up and 3) my back is not hurting from being insane and walking after 5 weeks of little activity. I definitely notice a difference here in ND versus 3 states south in Kansas. That said, I could never live in Alaska and have months of darkness. Not having sunrise until 8:30 am is bad enough! I have never been a morning person and to get up before the sun is not my style.

I have been feeling better lately. It makes me wonder if everything is okay.... 12 more days until that vital heartbeat appointment. I have had a few days this week that I do not feel so big - like the bloating has went away for a while.... then I see myself naked and remember. Please pray that we hear this baby's heartbeat November 5th.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy Morning!

Well, we have an apple tree in our backyard. We don't have much of a backyard other than our deck and hidious bushes on two sides of the yard.... But we have an apple tree. My darling husband threatened to take it out because of picking up apples every time he mows, but I want the tree. Two years now we have gotten tons of apples. Wade finally picked the apples off the tree. I say finally because it froze several nights before he felt like getting around to it. He also left overnight when the apples were ready which they got snowed on instead of picked. :o) Odd sight!

So, this morning I was faced with a HUGE bag of apples (we have given some away!). I started to tackle them to get them out of my kitchen. I canned 10 quarts of unsweetned applesauce and 5 quarts of apple pie filling. If you are my friend, just let me know and you can have some! I should add that we also canned 14 quarts of apple pie filling last week. I am hoping to can 5 more quarts of apple pie filling tomorrow morning (if I can bribe the girls to be good again), then probably just make applesauce with the rest.

Here is a small amount of what I did:

So, while I was finishing the last of the apples, it was approaching lunch time. I asked Alex who just turned 4 if she wanted to make lunch for me. I gave her mini bagels, tomato sauce, cheese, olives and turkey pepperoni.
This is the first lunch she has ever made:

I thought it was good. That said, tomoto based products still are making me gag. Yes, I did gag after I ate this. The girls ate the cheese and olives off and were done. I am super-duper envious of Moms who have good eating kids. I think that if the eldest eats well, then the younger sibling follows suit. In my case, the eldest is a terrible eater and at times this behavior is influenced on my younger one. One meal that Alex generally eats is McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. She will eat 4-5 with no problem - however she does not eat like that AT McDonald's - just when I take it home. *Sigh!*

She was 37 lbs and 41.25 inches at her 4 yo appt though. They told me she was 75% for both height and weight. She has gained 4 lbs since her ear infection in May.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No secrets here

Who is that girl in the mirror?
When did she get such a belly on her? Oh wait, that is me - TODAY. Yep 9.5 weeks pregnant and I look like I should be 15 weeks or so. I guess that is what happens the third time around. No hiding the belly today.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

9 weeks!

Well, I have broken the curse of my last pregnancy. I miscarried at 6 weeks in March and I am 9 weeks today. So, I feel that is a milestone. Of course, it is also 3.5 weeks until our doctor's visit that we get to hear the heartbeat.... but small steps now. I did get medication from the doc (well, PA) to help with nausea. It is a gel that you rub on your wrists.... The jury is still out on it. I have used it twice with one good and one less than desireable result....
So, with this pregnancy I am experiencing extreme nausea (no vomiting TG!). I had some food adversions, some intermitten nausea with the girls but nothing like this - and it has been going on for 5 weeks! I hope I am nearing the end of this.... I made dinner and have a small helping and feel like vomiting.... Thankfully I participate in our amazing Moms Club's freezer cooking nights or my family may starve. A little overdramatic maybe.... I do not feel like cooking anything and nothing sounds good.... I am also super-duper exhausted. I take down time at least once a day to sit and attempt to nap.... not too easy with a 4 yo and a 21 mo old running around. The other day my eldest layed on the couch with me (her choice), but her sister ran around me and talked the whole time! Ahhh!!! I just need a break. My loving H tells me that if I get too tired of it all, I can get a job. THANKS! Men just don't understand. SAHM's need off time, down time and breaks just the same as any other person, maybe more!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nothing to say....

Well, nothing has really gone on since my last post... I am tired all the time, I feel nauseated most of the time and generally have a tough time keeping up with two busy girls already.... Aw! I am in for it! Life is very different being PG w/ the 3rd. For the 1st, you are so excited, everything is new and exciting. You are looking at baby things every chance you get, want to be in maternity clothes, you eat when and what you want to, etc.

With baby #2, you can nap when your child naps (assuming like mine they are under 2!). You can relatively sway them into doing what you want to just so you can rest. Food may be a slight issue.... also changing poopy diapers while you are pregnant is an issue.

Then with #3, you suddenly have a 4 year old and almost 2 year old. The oldest will never nap - so you never get a break. You don't look at maternity clothes because you know what is being modeled in stores 1) you can no longer afford and 2) It really won't fit when you are at the end of your pregnancy anyway! There is no need to look at baby items because you have everything anyway.... plus too much. You have the little ones poopy diapers to change and the older ones butt to while when she poops.... Plus you have to make what they want to eat which may or may not smell, taste or sound good to you....

My first doc appt is in the morning and we are supposed to have snow for me to drive in to get there. Lucky me. Not always do I love living in ND - I do love the friends I have made here though.... just come to my house ladies so I never have to get out! (Oh and bring food so I don't have to shop all winter either!) :o)