Monday, October 5, 2009

Nothing to say....

Well, nothing has really gone on since my last post... I am tired all the time, I feel nauseated most of the time and generally have a tough time keeping up with two busy girls already.... Aw! I am in for it! Life is very different being PG w/ the 3rd. For the 1st, you are so excited, everything is new and exciting. You are looking at baby things every chance you get, want to be in maternity clothes, you eat when and what you want to, etc.

With baby #2, you can nap when your child naps (assuming like mine they are under 2!). You can relatively sway them into doing what you want to just so you can rest. Food may be a slight issue.... also changing poopy diapers while you are pregnant is an issue.

Then with #3, you suddenly have a 4 year old and almost 2 year old. The oldest will never nap - so you never get a break. You don't look at maternity clothes because you know what is being modeled in stores 1) you can no longer afford and 2) It really won't fit when you are at the end of your pregnancy anyway! There is no need to look at baby items because you have everything anyway.... plus too much. You have the little ones poopy diapers to change and the older ones butt to while when she poops.... Plus you have to make what they want to eat which may or may not smell, taste or sound good to you....

My first doc appt is in the morning and we are supposed to have snow for me to drive in to get there. Lucky me. Not always do I love living in ND - I do love the friends I have made here though.... just come to my house ladies so I never have to get out! (Oh and bring food so I don't have to shop all winter either!) :o)

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  1. AMEN to that! I would be happy to take Alex one afternoon so you can take a nap with Taylor! Grace gets SO bored in the afternoons.