Friday, October 23, 2009

Who functions in darkness?

This has been a thought of mine a lot lately. I am so thankful that I am a SAHM and do not HAVE to get up early. Once fall hits and the sunshine does not wake early, either do I. Okay, that is if 1) my husband isn't snoring, 2) my kids do not wake me up and 3) my back is not hurting from being insane and walking after 5 weeks of little activity. I definitely notice a difference here in ND versus 3 states south in Kansas. That said, I could never live in Alaska and have months of darkness. Not having sunrise until 8:30 am is bad enough! I have never been a morning person and to get up before the sun is not my style.

I have been feeling better lately. It makes me wonder if everything is okay.... 12 more days until that vital heartbeat appointment. I have had a few days this week that I do not feel so big - like the bloating has went away for a while.... then I see myself naked and remember. Please pray that we hear this baby's heartbeat November 5th.

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