Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall pics

Well, I felt inspired to share a few of the girls fall pictures!!

This first one, is Alex's first Halloween. She was 3 weeks old.

I just gave this outfit to a Moms Club Mommy for her baby to wear. *sniff!*

This obviously is a scanned pic. This was Alex's 1st B-day pics.

And here is Alex at the pumpkin patch in Kansas.
Here is Alex at age 2 when we moved here!!!

This is the girls last year. OMG! Look at the baby baldy!!!
Yes, I am a HUGE dork and bought them matching shirts.

Forward a year and here is baby redhead WITH hair! Notice she is wearing the shirt that Alex did at 2. I'm partial, but what a cutie!!

Just to be fair, here is a picture of Alex this year. This is as good as it got for her.

Sadly, here is the best pic of them together this year. They did not cooperate so well. Maybe next year!

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