Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Today is my Weigh-In day. I lost 6 lbs this week! I am so excited! I now only have 13 lbs to lose (my goal is in 8 weeks), to be at a healthy weight! Whoo-hoo!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Zag Bags for Sale!

This bag is the Zepplin Petite. I used it as my diaper bag for a few months. It has discontinued fabrics (the plaid) and a turqoise for the lining that is also no longer available. This bag is shown with standard trim (included). It sells for $75 if you choose to design one yourself.
Zepplin Petite $50

This one is the Zonia Miss. It has an old style. They have now discontinued the rivets. The bag now comes with stitching instead. The fabrics are still available though! This bag retails for $75 (plus shipping and tax)
Zonia Miss - $60

This bag is the Zepplin. It is sold for $85 plus it has a premium trim which would cost $7 extra. I designed this bag as my diaper bag for my two girlies. Thankfully life requires less stuff now. I would like to sell this bag since I don't need it (and have another for my set).

Zepplin $50

These next two bags shown are both the Zena. The Zena was discontinued in the Spring '09. The Zena sold for $45 but I will sell either of them for $25. Neither has ever been used.

ZENA $25

This one is the Zeevi. It is still in cirrculation, but this green leather is discontinued. This bag goes for $100 if you want to order one with your own fabric and leather choices.

Zeevi $80

These next two bags are the Zahlia, one of my favorites! I love the ease of a small bag. These go for $35 if you want to personalize one. The one of the left was used for about 2 years and has a short handle designed to be worn on your shoulder. The one on the right is new, but with discontinued fabrics. It has a long handle designed to wear diagonally across your chest.

Zahlia - (L) $15 (R) $25

These two are the Origional Zag Bag and the Zag Bag Sublime. The sublime is the one on the left and is a little bigger with one additional interior pocket. The sublime is shown with upgraded trim and bamboo handles. The bag is normally $60, with $7 for the trim and $12 for the handles.

The Origional Zag Bag is normally $50. It is shown with upgraded leather handles - $8 and the embroidery of a "Z".

Zag Bag Sublime (L) - $60
Zag Bag (R) - $45

If you are interested in any of these bags,
or would like to host your own Zag Bag party (and earn a FREE Zag Bag!)
please contact me,
Emily Arnegard
Zag Bag Independant Design Consultant
(701) 425-3440

My Weight Loss Journey

I guess I am not so good at updating my blog... so much for trying huh? I am lucky to download pics off my camera let alone PUT them anywhere. :o)

I started Weight Watchers 4/13 after a night out with the girls that I ate way too much. I wanted to loose weight for a long time, but did nothing about it. I have been somewhat depressed following my miscarriage 3/21 so I figured I would do something about one factor of my depression. So, 4/14 was my first day learning the program.

4/20 Weigh in, I lost 5.6 lbs! This is the weight that I gained after weening my littlest one 2.5 months ago. Of course, the remaining 20 lbs that I want to loose is from my miscarriage between the girls - over 2 years ago. Some people may think that it is foolish to try to loose weight now. I will have the green light to TTC again in a month or so... but if I can start the next pregnancy lighter, maybe I won't break that dreaded 200 mark at all!

At dinner last night, Alex wanted me to eat Ice Cream with the girls (we were at Grandma's). I said, "No thanks, I want to be a skinny Mommy."
She replied, "But you already are a skinny Mommy!" (Thanks sweety!)