Friday, April 24, 2009

My Weight Loss Journey

I guess I am not so good at updating my blog... so much for trying huh? I am lucky to download pics off my camera let alone PUT them anywhere. :o)

I started Weight Watchers 4/13 after a night out with the girls that I ate way too much. I wanted to loose weight for a long time, but did nothing about it. I have been somewhat depressed following my miscarriage 3/21 so I figured I would do something about one factor of my depression. So, 4/14 was my first day learning the program.

4/20 Weigh in, I lost 5.6 lbs! This is the weight that I gained after weening my littlest one 2.5 months ago. Of course, the remaining 20 lbs that I want to loose is from my miscarriage between the girls - over 2 years ago. Some people may think that it is foolish to try to loose weight now. I will have the green light to TTC again in a month or so... but if I can start the next pregnancy lighter, maybe I won't break that dreaded 200 mark at all!

At dinner last night, Alex wanted me to eat Ice Cream with the girls (we were at Grandma's). I said, "No thanks, I want to be a skinny Mommy."
She replied, "But you already are a skinny Mommy!" (Thanks sweety!)

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  1. Wow! What an awesome loss!

    Hey, you should check out Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! It is a GREAT place for support! My cousin, Melissa, started it with some of her bloggy friends. You will see lots of familiar faces there! Kate & Kristin do it too! There is a button for it on the sidebar of my blog.

    I think it is so wonderful that you are doing this for yourself before you try again. You are wonderful & deserve to be taken care of too!