Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Arnegard Family

Here is the girls visit with Santa. They both handled it very well. They had matching Santa dresses, so of course, it made sense to dress for the occasion!

Now that we are in North Dakota, and have been for over a year, Christmas is a very busy time of year. This year, we started with Christmas on Dec. 20th at Grandma's house with the Step-Sibling.

This is Alexandra and Taylor with their cousins Paige and Carson.

It is tradition for my parents to give new pajamas for Christmas.
This was the only gift that we opened as kids growing up.
The thought is so when pictures are taken opening presents on Christmas morning,
the kids are wearing new jammies.

Alex opening her new PJ's.

This is Alex openingTaylor's. Taylor was napping. We went to Church, then to Wade's uncles. Wade had to go to work and I wanted the girls to open these while Wade was still home.

Santa came to Uncle Butch's!
Our girls were the few that were not scared of Santa!

Yes, again wearing their matching Santa dresses!

Taylor so excited with her new ride-on toy that Santa left for her!

Alex trying out her new bike that Santa left for her. Sporting her new nightgown too!

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