Sunday, August 19, 2012


Over the past few years I have identified that as the summer winds down I am usually up a few pounds over where I was at the start of the summer.  I enjoy and indulge in summer a little too much and put on a few pounds.  This summer I was 157 when we took vacation to Oregon.  This morning I was 163 (but that was not immediately in the morning).  Of course, 6 pounds isn't much AND 6 pounds is really under my "Mom goal" that I have for myself.

So...  today it is the last third of August and I know my weakness is coming.  I have my 2nd half marathon of the year coming in just under a month...  then what?!  Honestly, I would like to lose the 6 lbs I have gained before my adults only football weekend in just over a month.   I need to make an effort to lose weight and not just workout to maintain...  because obviously something is not happening right!!

So...  I really need to keep motivation and have support to keep working out through the end of September, October, November and December which are the hardest times of the year for me.  I typically head back to the comfortable 180's by the end of the year just to make a resolution to lose it again....  year after year.