Friday, December 30, 2011

Plan it, do it!

So I have been saying for the lasy last 3 months that I was going to run the half marathon in Fargo in May 2012.  Yep, I paid the money and registered today to do it.  Now on to training....  LOL!
I just took my measurements and they are BAD.  Like almost the same as 2 months after I had Dylan bad.  Guess I had one too many Christmas cookies and need to get running!!

So, 21 week to train and 13.1 miles to run... that day!  20x15 miles a week minimum = 300 miles to run training between now and then.  I will track it and keep track.  I am betting I run closer to 400 miles by May.  I better keep it up and I can run a good 800 miles in 2012! 

So...  I better set my alarm, fill the ice in my cup, set out my clothes and make it a plan to get on the horse!  I have a lot of miles to run!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kneophla Soup

Today has been a cleaning frenzy after the hurried Christmas tree take down last night.  I dusted the living room last night.  Vacuumed the living room including moving the furniture and vacuumed IN the furniture.  ::Shutters.::  I swept the entry way and the dining room/kitchen.  I cleaned the bathroom.  I washed, dried and folded 3 loads of laundry.

All of this while a freezing rain advisory is going on outside that caused me to meet the pavement while getting the mail.

Well, tonight in the spirit of cold rainy days, I made a ND favorite, Kneophla soup.  This recipe comes from my husband's uncle and we tweaked it a little through the years to accomidate our tastes.  I have learned that there are tons of variations of this soup, so I thought I would share mine.

Kneophla Soup

1/2 cup milk
1 egg
a dash of salt
1 cup of flour
mix well and add more flour if sticky.  Should be able to handle it without the dough sticking to your hands.
Take the dough and roll it between your hands to create "worms" about 1/2 - 1" thick.  Usually each "worm" is about 6" long.  Lay on a plate while rolling the remaining dough.

For the soup part you will need the following ingredients:
1/2 pint of heavy cream.
1/2 pint of half and half
1-2 chicken breasts, cooked and diced.
chicken bullion to taste
2-3 potatoes peeled and cubed.

Peel and cube the potatoes and add to a pot of water and boil until soft.  While potatoes are in the pot, using kitchen scissors, cut the kneophla's into bit size peices directly into the pot.  Boil until the potatoes are soft and the kneophla's are floating.  Drain and place back in the pot.  Add cream & half & half and stir.  Add chicken and chicken bullion to taste.  Cook until warm throughout.  Enjoy!

(This dish also freezes well.)