Friday, December 30, 2011

Plan it, do it!

So I have been saying for the lasy last 3 months that I was going to run the half marathon in Fargo in May 2012.  Yep, I paid the money and registered today to do it.  Now on to training....  LOL!
I just took my measurements and they are BAD.  Like almost the same as 2 months after I had Dylan bad.  Guess I had one too many Christmas cookies and need to get running!!

So, 21 week to train and 13.1 miles to run... that day!  20x15 miles a week minimum = 300 miles to run training between now and then.  I will track it and keep track.  I am betting I run closer to 400 miles by May.  I better keep it up and I can run a good 800 miles in 2012! 

So...  I better set my alarm, fill the ice in my cup, set out my clothes and make it a plan to get on the horse!  I have a lot of miles to run!!

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