Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another day, another try!

So the last two days have not been great eating/drinking wise.  I ran 2 miles on Thursday, 4 miles Friday and did the 30 day shred and 20 minutes on the eliptical yesterday.

So on Friday my major slip up is that I had a cappicino at the football game.  In the great 40 degree ND wonder, anything to keep me warm.  I should have opted for real coffee instead of the sugary substitute.

Yesterday I took my girls to McDonalds to redeem 2 free fry coupons we won at the Monopoly days.  Snack at McD - complete with a milkshake for all of us to share.  Then we made cookies and took them to my SIL's where my hubby went to cut up his deer.

I guess I can work out with the best of 'em.  Life is about making memories with your kids....  so I am finding it hard to get that balance.  If I have free coupons for a snack my kids will think is awesome, a once in a great moon type of thing, why not?!  If making cookies for Daddy to celebrate his big kill as a master hunter, why not?

I do know one thing that would make life easier.  To never stop doing Jillian.  My body hurts too much when I start again!!  I hate what Jillian does to me, but I honestly love how toned my body is when I am doing it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My hate of laundry

I hate laundry.
I hate having piles of dirty stinky clothes piling up in my house.
Because of this, I am doing laundry every other day or every 3rd day at the most.
I suck at folding laundry and putting it away though.
I honestly blame this mostly on my toddler.
Forgive me baby.
I fold our laundry on our bed. 
I have rows along the bed for each person,
Wade's goes on his dresser behind me.
I make rows for Dylan, Taylor, Alex and me in that order. 
The hang up clothes for Wade and I go at the end near the clothes basket. 
The girls go on our pillows.
Most times when I try to fold laundry without Wade home,
Dylan is in our room.
Most toddlers I assume follow Mom where ever they go...
 mine have always done this!
So, Dylan is getting into my jewelry or playing with my bottles of lotion.

Today is a laundry day.  I have to catch up!
I am doing more laundry, so laundry HAS to be folded and put away as I only have 2 laundry baskets.
I also just decluttered our bedroom and having 2 full baskets of clothes to be folded in there is a serious distracter.

As I was folding clothes, I found one of Taylor's most loved shirts. 
It is coral colored so it looks great with her red hair.
It feels like satin and makes her feel good.
I bought it at a rummage sale in perfect condition which makes me feel good.
Well, Taylor's sticker from storytime was still on her shirt.
The dryer acts like glue perma-sticking those on!
I am a Mom.  I will get it off!
I used to say pre-kids that a Mom had to be a genious at laundry.
Well, I am not prefect and always learning, so I'll try my best!

Another cruel fact of my world and laundry is that my husband works shift work.  4 on, 4 off and rotates days and nights.  When he works nights, I cannot do laundry until he wakes at 3-4 pm.  That gives me 4 hours maybe 5 to do laundry before the kids go to bed.  I am blessed that our laundry is main floor, but it is in a small closet just across the hall from the girls room and right next to our room.  We all know that laundry is not quiet either!  So....  when you take in Wade's work schedule AND the fact that the girls have dance class on Tuesday and Thursday night, church school on Wednesdays....  that really takes those 3 nights out of the week to do laundry.  So, if you are at my house on a Friday when Wade is working nights, expect it to be laundry night.

Ahh...  time to switch the washer/dryer!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day off struggles...

Well, my eating is not an A++ today.  I am okay with that.  If I can go 6 weeks with minimal exercise and eat whatever I want and not gain, I don't think one day will kill me.

Alex is off of school today and wanted biscuits for breakfast.  I ate 2.5 biscuits and some peaches for breakfast.  We made quasadillas for lunch, which was 1 tortilla with onions, reduced fat cheese and black beans... so not too bad. I plan to get a workout this afternoon and have round steak with onions and cream of mushroom soup in the crockpot to have over mashed potatoes for dinner.  Smells delish!

I am betting tomorrow which is Wade's deer hunting day will also be a struggle because it seems so natural to bake something with the kids!  Maybe we can share them with the neighbors?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 month to do it!

This morning, 3 days after the Halloween sugar haul, I have had enough.  I took all the chocolate and froze it, downstairs to save it for a rainy day.

Today marks 1 month until Wade and I take a weekend get away to go watch a football game.  Sadly, I am still the weight I have been since we returned from our Oregon vacation in July.

This morning the scale showed 175.2  YUCK!  I would sure like to look at that scale in a month and see it say 165....  not sure if that is possible, but I am going to try!  First small change is to drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday!!  Second is to make time to work out, everyday!!!