Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another day, another try!

So the last two days have not been great eating/drinking wise.  I ran 2 miles on Thursday, 4 miles Friday and did the 30 day shred and 20 minutes on the eliptical yesterday.

So on Friday my major slip up is that I had a cappicino at the football game.  In the great 40 degree ND wonder, anything to keep me warm.  I should have opted for real coffee instead of the sugary substitute.

Yesterday I took my girls to McDonalds to redeem 2 free fry coupons we won at the Monopoly days.  Snack at McD - complete with a milkshake for all of us to share.  Then we made cookies and took them to my SIL's where my hubby went to cut up his deer.

I guess I can work out with the best of 'em.  Life is about making memories with your kids....  so I am finding it hard to get that balance.  If I have free coupons for a snack my kids will think is awesome, a once in a great moon type of thing, why not?!  If making cookies for Daddy to celebrate his big kill as a master hunter, why not?

I do know one thing that would make life easier.  To never stop doing Jillian.  My body hurts too much when I start again!!  I hate what Jillian does to me, but I honestly love how toned my body is when I am doing it.

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