Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, today is 11 weeks, 1 day. (I had two natural m/c's one at 6 wks, one at 11.)

Here I am looking foolish in regular jeans (which are still actually too big) and a regular shirt.

I need to clarify that this isn't just ANY shirt. This is my Favre shirt that I ordered in a women's size since I had lost weight prior to this season starting. So, it is skintight now. :o) I did not know I was pregnant when I ordered it or even when it arrived. The first game I was 5 weeks PG though! I have worn this shirt every game for 6 weeks and so far the Vikings are undefeated. My H says that I need to wear it for 15 more weeks (until the Superbowl). I am not sure how that will work at 26 weeks when it shows belly if I move wrong at 11 weeks!

Well, my PG Mommy moment of the day today is that I made coffee for myself, but I wanted about 1/2 a cup coffee and 1/2 milk. Well, it is weaker than that because I forgot to put new coffee grounds in. At least what I used was only 2 days old not 2 weeks! Oh - and in making coffee (nuking the milk), making pancakes on the griddle- apparently all of that cannot be running while the fridge is because I blew the breaker and it took a while for me to figure it out. (Had to have a conversation with a naughty girl in the meantime.) Thankfully we have current breakers not like the fuses I grew up with. Everytime one broke you had to have extras to put in or run to the store a buy them!

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