Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY baby legs!!!

So a few days ago my friend sent me this link. It is for DIY baby legs. I am in love. I did buy Dylan 3 pairs of knock off baby legs from Target- and 3 pairs of real ones for Christmas... here are the DIY ones.Here is Dylan this morning in her fur trimmed, Christmas legs.
Good thing she is a skinny baby or thick fur on her thighs may give her a complex!
Outfit is complete with her Christmas dancing socks!
Okay, not an outift... I was trying them on after I made them.
I am excited that I got her a pink dress for Christmas that will look good with these ones!
She has light pink danicing socks on in this picture... hard to see though!
These may look black, but they are charcoal grey. I bought them to match the grey in this dress. Of course notice her dancing socks - my other fettish!

Here are the three girls for our Christmas at Grandma's the other night.
Dylan is wearing more homemade baby legs!!

I guess I thought I made 5 - but I also have black and white, so I made her 6 pairs (socks were $2 a pair!!).

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