Monday, January 4, 2010

What a weekend!

So, what I am classifying as our weekend started about 10 pm on Wednesday night. Wade was working and for some reason I looked at the thermostat before going to bed. It read 71 or 72 which I thought was odd since it is programed to run at 73. I tried to move the temp up with no avail.... I called Wade at work and followed his suggestions (replace the batteries in the thermostat, check the breaker, etc). Nothing. So, I got off the phone and called my Father-in-law to help. He came over and spent about an hour and a half with only coming with the automatic start must have went out. If you turned it off and them on, it fired up though.... so every 2 hours through the night, I was up running to the basement to restart the heat.

New Years Eve, Wade slept after getting off work and dealing with the heating guy who told him they had to order a new control box. So.... 4 more days of having to manually start the heat. We went to do a little shopping, then to dinner. We ran home to make a dip and get ready to go out for New Years. Thankfully it was a family party that the kids were invited to. We didn't leave until 1:30 am! Ouch!

Well, not suprisingly, we all slept in the next day.... well, with the exception of waking at 8:30 with the upstairs at 60 degrees. Too cold even to sleep! We had a space heater directed down the hall, but it was giving the thermostat a false reading, so it clicked off (when lit) before it was up to temp. I did start cinnamon rolls at 10:30 when I woke up because I was craving them. We ate breakfast at 1:30 pm! :o)

Saturday morning, I woke at about 2:45 or so to the sounds of Taylor puking... I was up with her until about 5:30, enduring 6 or so pukes, a bath, a load of laundry, 4 blankets and 3 or more pajama changes. I then took her downstairs to Wade and asked him to teke her so I could get some sleep. Little did I know then that he watched TV downstairs (to man the furnace) until about 2 am. So, Taylor and Wade slept in Saturday.... Saturday was filled with Taylor puking and Wade starting to not feel so good. Wade was supposed to go ice fishing, so he had shown me the night before how to light the furnace, but decided not to go when it was -10 outside (without windchill). Saturday night I decided it was time to take the Christmas clutter down. Wade was not on board since he did not feel good, but I wanted it gone. Alex and I then took everything down and Wade got the boxes out for me (behind the couch, under the stairs in the basement), then carried the full boxes back downstairs.

Sunday Taylor started to feel better.... Wade and Tay slept downstairs Saturday night and slept in until 10:40! I used that time to clean the upstairs. I swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom, removed Taylor's booster seat and cleaned it and the chair it is on, vacuumed, etc. I am tahnkful that Alex was good and watched cartoons. We then watched the Vikings win and even though Taylor layed around, she appeared to feel better.

So, this weekend marked 21 weeks pregnant. Here is a belly picture from this morning.

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