Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Wade!

Today is my hubby's birthday! Lucky him, the high temp is -10 today. Did I mention that he is outside a lot with his job? Well, he broke out long johns to wear today. He said that he has only worn them on nights and never days. Brrr! I am a wuss, so I'd probably have them on when it is 40 degrees ABOVE zero! :o)

So, the highlight is that he drove himself and he will get off work early today. Downside is that 1) I have not wrapped a single present for him. 2) I have not bought cake mix yet. 3) I still have 2 gifts that I need to run and get. In my defense, we were snowed in yesterday and I had a kid recovering from the stomach flu, not exactly going out shopping kind of day. So.... I guess we will brave the arctic and go out today, it just better include Starbucks. What kind of day doesn't include Starbucks?!


  1. My days never include Starbucks;-) I broke that habit awhile back. I get them *maybe* a couple times a year.

    Happy B-day to Wade!

  2. You are missing out! I can't live w/o Starbucks!