Friday, January 15, 2010

Snowy days at the zoo!

Today was a high in the 40's here in snowy North Dakota.
The Dakota Zoo is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday's, so we bundled up and went for a snow walk. We even walked to see the buffalo since Taylor loves buffalo! The path that goes out there is a mile long, so the girls and I all walked over a mile today at the zoo!!! Taylor was getting tired and kept asking me to hold her, I would try and make it about 15 feet before I couldn't do it anymore...
~ The girls walking the path to see the buffalo~

~Again, on the path, a little sisterly love here~

Taylor's classic "Cheese" face.

Yes, I do allow my kids to wear character clothes. :o)

Alex, being Alex...
Such a pretty snow bunny!

Another snowy walk....

The girls walking...

The Buffalo!
They are at the end of the mile path, but it is worth it!

The bears
They were busy digging....

The tigers were very active...

Another tiger view - a close up.

The tigers were watching us!


  1. Looks like fun! I didn't realize it was even open in the winter. We will have to do that soon!

  2. I am glad that you had fun. Sorry that we couldn't come too.