Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's talk about food!

This seems to be a subject I have been thinking about lately. I think I overdid salty foods and was retaining a crazy amount of water... that and another lovely PG side effect made the scale ready several pounds heavier than it did this morning (::exhale:: what a relief!).

So, I have several blogs and websites that I follow to check out new recipes. I love food and love to cook, so the more the merrier! Here is a list of what look at for inspiration: (the title is funy to me since my H would say I am a cookbook/recipe addict too!)
Then the regular websites:

I have been compiling a list of recipes that I want to make before this little wiggle worm comes out. I have talked to neighbors who I have previously done a freezer cooking night with to confirm a date, talked with Moms Club about maybe planning a freezer cooking night before baby comes out and I have a date with another PG Mom who is also in need of making backup meals like I am.

However.... I have 24 meals on my menu list. My H thinks that is too much. He said that when I do it now, it is 5-6 meals and it takes us 3 months to eat those.... but that is not with a newborn in the house! I asked my sister's opinion (Mom of 6) and she thought that 24 meals was NOT excessive.... I know that a couple friends brought meals after Alex was born which was awesome. I honestly think that getting food after the birth of a baby is the #1 gift a new Mom (or an old Mom w/ multiple kids) can get! So... instead of assuming that anyone would do this for me (after Taylor the only meal was muffins MIL made for us - which I am not complaining - they were GREAT!). Maybe it was also because we had just moved and I didn't know anyone yet too.

Of course, all the meals depend on freezer space too. It appears that since we got a pig this fall, we have such limited freezer space. I wanted to buy another deep freeze, but the H said that since we are getting a new fridge for the kitchen, the old fridge will become a garage fridge which will increase my freezer space by one fridge freezer..... (really?!) I cannot complain, we have two fridge freezers, full and a stand up deep freeze full.... The basement fridge freezer is where all my freezer meals go now, unless I run out of space.....

Here is another dilemia on that. I heard of a federal tax incentive on appliances to be offered after April 15th. I really hate to wait so long to make the bulk of my meals.... BUT I did have 13 meals in the freezer when Taylor was born and did it all in the week before her birth since I found out my induction date 5 days before her birth. I guess if I did it then, I can do it now.


  1. Glad you like my title;p It is VERY fitting for me too. I used to have a cookbook buying problem but since I got my kitchen computer I am just addicted to cooking blogs. I also really love Another favorite of mine is They have all the Cooking Light recipes on there as well as recipes from several other publications. It is very user friendly too!

    I am with your sister, make as many meals as you can! It is nice to spend those first few months cuddling your baby instead of worrying about what is for dinner. Not too mention, shopping with 3 little ones will be something to get used to!

  2. I don't think you can ever have too many meals in the freezer. Back in the day when I had a houseful of preschoolers I did true once a month cooking...and it was great!