Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm impatient!

Grr! I just want to scream. Seriously! I have gotten so much exercise the past 5 days going up and down the damn stairs. I go down to turn the furnace off since it clicks on but blows cold air (and leaks gas), then back up. Down to turn it back on - and back up. Down to waste time on the computer, up to eat.

I really am impatient at waiting. I hate to be late and I hate waiting on people. I hate to be stuck in the house, I hate not being able to go anywhere until after the heating guy comes.

Right now, the part should come in to the heating company in about an hour (or so they say), then they will call and come over. Can I cry now? I want this to be over and have heat without thinking about it!

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