Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am working out, again!

My H really wanted a treadmill, so we used our Christmas money, plus our soon to be earned tax return and bought one on Monday. Monday night H's BIL had to come over to help my poor H get the box down the stairs and Tuesday while we left for a playgroup, H got the thing set up. The salesman said it was really simple, my not so mechanically inclined husband said it was not so easy.

However, it is set up and in our computer room with the eliptical machine now. I also got my way in the placement of the machines in the room, which H never got even though I tried to explain this to him over and over. So, I walked a mile yesterday and I walked a mile this morning. I know that even if I eat right and exercise, I will continue to gain weight.... :o) I guess I am hoping that walking helps with stress relief and maybe - just maybe slow weight gain?

I had my mind set on a number to gain this PG. Well, if I gain 10 more pounds, I am there. Yeah, at 23 weeks pregnant, I am thinking the chances of exceeding that number are pretty high. Oh well, I can just hope that the weight melts off after like it did after my previous two kids. I did start this pregnancy 14 lbs less than I did with Alex (#1) and 10 lbs less than I did with Taylor (#2), so even if I only lose my "baby weight," I will be sitting almost at my goal! I don't know if I need to add, but I feel that I should also say that I also gained 10 lbs less with #2 than I did #1. That is where my # came from - 10 lbs less than baby #2.

However, I have 16 more weeks of pregnancy and feeling this amazing little wiggle worm wiggle and kick until I have to worry about that.

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