Monday, December 28, 2009

My Day

Well, I could tell everyone about the snow... how we were snowed in for 3 days, needing to go to the grocery store but couldn't because the snow plows did not find us a priority. When 4 wheel drive vehicles are spinning out on our street, I am not about to go out in my 2 wheel drive van - pregnant and most likely with 2 kids.

I could tell you about the plethora of Christmas gifts that both we and the kids received for Christmas, only to be at a loss of where to stick everything.... (any ideas?)

But... I will tell you about finally making it to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping. As a Stay-At-Home Mom, it is cheaper to do all my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart than the grocery store. When I have to buy diapers anyway, it is easier to do it all in one stop.

So we have a list full of things to buy... meals for the next 2 weeks as well as necessities for the house. Alex keeps wanting to sit in the back of the cart, then wanting to walk... then trying to sit up front with her sister, half on Taylor which does not work well AT ALL. About 1/2 way through, both girls get tired and both are walking... or running and coming back. The store wasn't too busy, so as long as they are in the aisle I am in, I was okay with it. So, we are 3/4 the way done and have a cart full of groceries already. I throw a can of soup in the cart and POP! It turns out that the can of soup hit a bottle of sparkling cider and it exploded.

Mortified, I turn to a Wal-Mart employee in the aisle who calls for a clean up and goes to get me a new cart. We move all of my groceries to a clean cart... but all my groceries are now sticky with juice. The girls hats are wet, coats are a little damp and my purse is SOAKED! The dear Wal-Mart employee also went to get me another carton of eggs since a wet cardboard container may not hold my eggs so well.... At least the cart looked organized then. During this, I opened the fruit snacks to tide off my girls... I have never let them eat anything in the store, before paying for it - but did this time... it was desperate measures for desperate times.

So, after about 2 hours we finally check out and get out of the store. Lunch was late since shopping took longer than expected and everything that got put away was sticky. I even bought the girls each a ring pop to get through my extra long check out painlessly.

So, lessons learned.
1) Do not wait until groceries are so low that you need to spend $300 to buy everything to restock the whole house.
2) Do whatever I can to avoid grocery shopping with the kids. Seriously, I think it could resort to trading services with a friend - OR PAYING - to avoid shopping with them.
3) Do not throw a can of soup in the cart if you have a bottle of sparking cider in there. It makes a wet, sticky, yucky mess.

A lady in Wal-Mart did ask if I was expecting again. She asked if I knew what it was (we don't) and what I preferred. I told her that as long as it is healthy, that is all that matters.... Really though, why does a pregnant belly make people think they need to know this about a person. At least she didn't ask if it was planned..... (heard that when I was PG w/ Taylor).... I guess people don't think before they talk AND may think that 2 years apart is too close to have kids. Oh well...

I am off to do the elliptical now that I got a new Ipod for Christmas... maybe it will keep my weight gain to a minimum - or not, but I get to play with it!

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  1. You are more than welcome to drop your girls off any time to avoid taking them to Walmart :) We love having them