Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Claus was in town!

So, Santa WAS in town! We got to see him as proof! Here are the pictures if you don't believe me!!! Alex asked Santa for a ballerina Barbie which Taylor copied and also asked for a Barbie. She didn't cry as the photographer thought she may, but she wasn't as excited to see him in person as she is to see him in movies!!
The girls talking with Santa

The girls were showing Santa their pretty shoes.... only girls!

Another shoe shot... oh my and she is only 23 months, 3 weeks and 5 days!

I think Taylor was picking her nose. Classic!
Want some Santa?!

A final hug good bye from the jolly man himself!

"Wait, are those kids having more fun than me?!"

Sharing their wants with Santa....

The best close up.... still not good though!

"Cheese! .... are we done yet?"

"That's it Mom... now where's lunch?!"
So we went grocery shopping, leaving the house at 9:30, then to see Santa at the mall at 11. We get in line only to have to leave to make a potty run.... Grrr! Get back at the end of the line and wait for Santa... wait to have our turn for pictures.... wait for our CD.... then have to dash to get lunch (yes, I bought instead of made), dash home to eat quickly while calling the pharmacy and unloading groceries. Then, clean up the kids and dash off to a birthday party. Then run to the pharmacy after the party which did I tell you I had to drag my 4 yo up the stairs kicking and screaming... not quite, but I almost had to and threatened withholding all cartoons tonight if she didn't walk up the stairs herself. FUN TIMES! I can't wait to drag 3 kids out of anywhere!!!

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