Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Santa Sighting!

As weird as this story sounds, Taylor saw Santa at the doctor's office! She saw him walk in and immediately said, "Santa, Hold me!" Well, Santa came and set down next to us after checking in. Taylor wanted Santa to indeed "Hold me." She told Santa that she again, wanted a Barbie for Christmas, in a box! :o) Santa was nice enough to allow Taylor to get a picture with him. The nurse even came out during our photo session and just laughed. What are the chances?! So, 11 photos at $11 last Saturday while enduring a weekend, pre-Christmas mall crowd and NO good pictures. But one day at the doc's office and one picture and wonderful (plus, it was FREE)! I guess there is a Santa because this one made one little girl's day! What can I say, she loves Santa! Her sister was walking around the mall with her Daddy while we went to the appointment and she was a little jealous - of Taylor's Santa sighting and her sucker from the doctor!
Taylor's First Love?!

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