Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time to update...

I am not really sure what I am writing about.
I guess 3 things have happened this week at our house.

1) The husband got on board with losing weight, so I have done good this week. I am at 179.4 as of yesterday morning. This is where I was a few weeks ago when I stopped trying. My origional goal was to be at 165 by Nov. 1st (this was at 2 lbs per week). I will not make it, but I will keep trying!

2) We finished our list from insurance. We had hail damage to our house 8/2 and got it all accomplished in the last 2 weeks. We hired out having our roof and gutters replaced. The husband repainted the trim on the north side of the house. He also pressure washed and refinished both the front and back decks. We also had to replace a utility door into the garage. I would say that all of this has our house looking better than when we bought it. (Seriously, the old gutters leaked on the walk to the front door creating ice in the winter and the decks were very peeled. The garage door was cheap to start with and did not have trim on the inside - so it is all taken care of now!) And, with the husband's labor, we should get money back from the insurance claim!

3) My 5 month old has gotten her first tooth, the lower left one. She got it like a champ!

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