Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Me progress report

Well, the new me is off to a good start. I can workout. I am good at exercising. If I got time away from the kids, I can run, walk, hike with the best of them. I have been alternating doing the eliptical for 30 minutes, running a mile and going Jillian Micheals 30 day shred - which I am now enduring level 2.

Food continutes to be my weakness. Isn't it everyone's?! Really, we are not animals that kill another for dinner. We do not graze on the grass for nutrition. Food is not merely energy to us, it is an art form to create in the kitchen. My food downfall is probably sweets the most. I can do without the salty chips but give me a treat and I am all over it!

Another issue that I have with food is limiting my portions. I will never be a small woman. I am 5'9" and need adiquate caloric intake to fulfill my body's function. I am also a nursing Mom, so that is what another 500 calories a day? I have never really been a salad person. Really, a salad for lunch or dinner? Guess what I have been eating for lunch? Yep, a salad. Rich, dark leafy greens, sunflower seeds, avacado slices, tomatoes, green onions, bacos, mushrooms minced, feta cheese and smoke salmon. When it is arranged like this - it sounds more like a feast than punishment. I still probably use entirely too much dressing....

Well, today is what day 12 of the new year? I have now worked out for all 12 days of the year. Opps, I just looked and it is the 13th! :o) I have worked out 13 days of the New Year! I need to keep it up and keep drinking lots of water and before you know it those 12 & 14's will be jumping out of my closet and the 10's will be floating in.....

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