Sunday, October 23, 2011

A first!!

So, this is a milestone in our house. 
Alex lost her first tooth tonight!
Last night Wade suggested she tie her mildly wiggly tooth to the door knob and close the door.  She was all excited to try it.  We did, but her tooth did not come out.  It kind of hung there and she was tickled to move it easily.  Well, this afternoon she suggested we try it again.  She wanted her little sister to "gently" close the door.  Well, her tooth must have now been ready and it slid out like butter.  Shockingly to me though, there was about as much of the root of the tooth out as there was the tooth above the gum line. 
She was so happy about having it out that she never complained about it hurting.
She did make sure to rinse her mouth out to not swollow the blood since last night it made her puke.

So....  the first of many at our house.
10/23/11 - the date my first baby lost a tooth!

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