Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 month down

The first month of our weight loss competition has me 5.5 inches down and 8.8 lbs down.  I ran 86.6 miles in January too!! 

So this month, we have been cursed with 3 out of 3 sick kids, eating out multiple times, twisting my ankle on the treadmill and an treat of grabbing a mocha for fun.  My one standard item is to run.  I think I took 3 days off during the month.  My husband's birthday, the first day I was sick (yep the kids got me sick too!) and another "rest" day. 

We have been blessed here in ND with a warm winter, so getting outside to run has been a blessing.  Of course, as a SAHM most of my days are on the treadmill while kids sleep.

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