Monday, February 22, 2010


So I found out last night that a co-worker of the H's is taking off 6 weeks around the time of my due date. They had twins - correction - triplets 1-2 weeks ago that are still in the hospital and will take off when they come home. A huge Congrats to them for having their dreams of babies come true. This news however great for them, makes me apprehensive about the coming months and my own due date. Unfortunately when someone on another shift has to take off of work, that means that one of the other guys HAS to fill that overtime. Of course there is a line that has to be asked and you go down the list. It starts with the one with the least amount of overtime first. Unfortuneately, you can be forced to work if it is your turn and no one else wants it.... SO, I will more than likely be looking more at a scheduled induction (as I have had twice before) just to ensure that my husband can be there for the birth of our next baby. However, I think that I have the most amazing friends in the world and if it came down to it I can give someone my kids and go it alone in the hospital - OR have another friend there with me.... ahhhhh too much to think about! I need some more PB M&M's! :o)


  1. Oh PICK me! I'd love to be your labor coach!

    That sucks though..we dealt with that with more than one birth, and it is stressfull!

  2. Well, I know of a heck of a doula! Our very own Jen Polk!

    I do hope your hubby can be there though. I spent most of my time after having Quinn alone in the hospital and it was no fun. Tony was at least able to be there for the labor/delivery though.

  3. I'll volunteer for birthing duty :) Its one of the most amazing experiences EVER and I'd be happy to share it with you... :) I'll even let you yell at me even though it isn't MY fault ;)