Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More baby prep!!

So, I am really thinking about baby prep and what I need to be sane for that to happen. I have 2 seperate cooking nights planned with girlfriends in March to make freezer meals. I have a list to of what else I want to make....
Yum Yum Pork Chops *
Chicken Taco Bake *
Chicken rice bake *
hashbrown casserole (adding sausage to make it a meal)
cheesy chicken spagehetti
Broccoli Rice bake *
cheddar meatloaves *
lazy cabbage hotdish *
pasta fagoli soup *
glazed carrots
baked corn casserole
baked chicken
broccoli tater tot casserole
sour cream enchaladas
salsa chicken
kneophlia soup
zuppa tuscana soup *
seafood lasagna
white chicken lasagna *
cheedar broccoli soup
cheese shells
taco chili
breakfast egg casserole
garlic bread
champagne salad
PB bars
granola bars
Okay, so the meals that are in blue are casseroles. The ones in green are side dishes, the yellow main dishes and red are snacks. The meals with astricks, I know we are making in March. I will also make sure to go shopping before my induction date to have fresh fruit, bread and snackies around. I remember how hungry I was after I gave birth the first 2 times!


  1. Girl, you are SO organized! That is going to be awesome though! I wish I would have done that pre-baby!

    I was going to make you something, but I don't think you will have the freezer space!

  2. OH, I can make space for your cooking Megan.