Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy weekend!

So, our weekend started on Friday when we decided that we were taking a trip to visit FIL for the weekend. Friday night I came upstairs to get the girls PJ's and switch laundry. The girls were at the top of the stairs when I got done. Taylor was being stubborn and didn't want to walk down the stairs in front of me, or with my help. So.... in an attempt to gracefully get out of her way, I fell about 4-5 steps. I did not hit my belly, but it scared me and her, I think.

Saturday we took a 3 hour drive, stopping after just over an hour for breakfast. It was a long drive with two little ones, in the frosty fog. Luckily we have a DVD player and the roads were good. We visited with Father-in-law in his smoky apartment when we got there. He had just been released from hospital #3. He had been out of his place for the past 6 weeks, so he was ready to be home.

The first time he lit up, Alex said, "Dad that stinks."
Wade - "Yeah, that does."
The only person our girls know that smokes is My Husband's Step-Dad and he does not smoke in the house and not around the kids at all.

So, we stayed at a hotel so we could take the girls swimming. Alex attempted to jump into the pool from the edge and kicked me at the top of my stomach (just below my ribs). OUCH! IT was a complete accident, but it hurt. Baby was still moving, nothing was happening to write home about...

Also happening within that 30-45 minute pool trip was that we discovered that Taylor's gag reflex is still VERY much active. After swallowing pool water, she started gagging and ended up puking her entire dinner all over the pool deck (luckily not in the pool!). The poor house keepers that threw those towels into the laundry and got what she did not expect!

Two days later (today), I felt that the pain from this kick warranted a call to the doc's office. Well, just as I expected. Rest, plenty of fluids and call if I want to be seen. They would have seen me if I wanted it, but I didn't.... Pretty much as I expected. I have a visible bruise on my belly, so as husband says it makes sense to be sore since I have constant internal pressure on my belly.

Another huge highlight is that we ordered our new dishwasher and fridge today!!! Too bad we couldn't upgrade our fridge to a larger size.... oh well. I will have an additional fridge freezer to fill with freezer meals!!

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