Tuesday, March 2, 2010

29 weeks and baby shirts!

Okay, so we were out of town for the 29 week belly picture... so here is today.
I am what 29 weeks, 3 days.
What a round ol' belly!

This is an interesting art project that I did with my 4 year old.
I have decided that you cannot plan or predict what these things will look like with a 4 year old.
Since we do not know the baby's gender, we took 2 onsies (that we already had) and I wrote the "Baby Bro" and "Baby Sis" on them in fabric paint. Then I let Alex have at it.
She is terrible at writing with those pens and does paint globs.... so it turned into a finger paint to avoid having huge globs. Of course the newspaper that I put between the layers of shirt stuck to the inside of the shirts.... also the painted part of the shirts are so hard now! I will wash them with the next load (and maybe everyone there after until the baby arrives!).
So, not pretty, but made by baby's big sister....

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