Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Holy weight gain!

So here is my 30 week belly pic for y'all.
Excuse the boxer shorts, I had just woke up and didn't want to forget.
So, yesterday I had my 30 week doc appt. The doc said that I am holding onto water like it is going out of style. This is something I have noticed the last week ~AND~ I noticed that my weight had jumped 8 pounds in about a week. (uhhh!!) So, in a month's time, I gained 13 pounds!!! That brings my total for this pregnancy to a whopping 43 pounds already! With 10 weeks left to go, I know that I will surpass the 48 pounds I gained with Alex. At least it is coming on as water weight now, so it will come off easily after birth. :o) (I hope!)
So, I am also measuring 5 weeks big (this is typical for me). I go back in 4 weeks, then 2 (At 36 weeks) and we will have another ultrasound to gauge baby's size. Then we will plan a course of action....

On the bright side, here is a picture of my girls.
They posed before we went to church Sunday. So pretty and cute!

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