Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4 year olds and strollers do not mix!

So, today was our Moms Club Fit Moms outing. We attempt to walk the mall and talk to each other. Well, I have a 4 year old who is not in preschool (she is school age 3 though). I have no complaints about the behavior of my 2 year old. She is happy to sit in the stroller and behave. Her sister on the other hand is a handful. I know what other Moms are talking about when they tell me that they cannot do Fit Moms because their older children will not sit in a stroller. I do not know if it was her being especially naughty or me being especially grouchy, but we did not work well today. She was picking on her sister, causing Taylor to be grouchy. She would get in the stroller (Sit & Stand), but then drag her feet so I was kicking them or trying not to step on them, or put her feet on the tires... getting out and running and not listen. Oh, how I need a calgone moment right now. I told her when we got home that she cannot act that way that it is embarrassing. So, right now, I pretty much feel like a terrible Mom with an out of control child.

She asked me several times if they could have candy (there are quarter candy machines in the mall), ride the rides (again, another quarter milking trap), or get a pretzel and I said no to all because she was not listening and was not being good. She told her Daddy on the phone that I made her sit in the front which was embarrassing. All I want to know is, seriously how will I handle another one when I can barely handle her on most days? I am not afraid of my two year old and the baby. I am afraid of my 4 year old running away (because she listens so well), picking up the baby and hurting it, climbing onto something injuring herself, her sister or the baby. Terrible 2's my caboose. Fabulous fours is more like it!


  1. Maybe it is an oldest child thing??? Kade was and still is my most challenging child.

    You are a good mom and you will get through it all, I am sure of it. If you ever need a break, Grace would love to have her over to play too!

  2. I'm with Megan on this... even with Shelby's different issues she is much easier to handle than Delainey....

    You will get through it... HUGS... WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Emily,

    it is OK! We all have those mom days. My Andrew had me in tears many days. I remember having to shower with William in a bouncy seat locked in the bathroom with me so he would be "safe". Right now she is testing her boundaries, and as a mom that is so very frustrating. They refer to this age as a first adolescence, and I believe it. You are doing a good job, and you stood your ground, while being loving. What more can we do?

    I keep reminding myself, someday I'm going to miss this!

  4. Thank you ladies!
    It makes me feel better that other Moms have been in the same boat as well. I will gladly trade her for a newborn. :o)