Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prayers Please!

Well, we found out later that the day after we left camping, our friends Pete & Angie's 1 year old Bodie fell into the fire pit. Apparently there was hot coals from smoking a roast, he stumbled near the edge of the pit and fell, catching himself with his hands. He recieved deep 3rd degree burns on his hands and arms. This was 7/11/09. On Wendnesday 7/22/09 he was moved to Wichita, KS from St. Paul, MN. The family live just outside of Wichita, so this arrangement works out for them better.
Here is the link to read updates on him:

Also prayers for our friends Kristi and her family. She and her husband have 2 kids. Their home was struck by a tornado while we were camping, so 7/9/09 (I think). They still do not know what is happening with their house - but for now they are in an apartment until they recieve a word on what will happen next.

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