Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation and Weight

Well, we went to Oregon on vacation. I ate my way through it... so not too suprising that I gained 4-5 lbs. I didn't work out for the 13 days we were gone, the week before or the week after... so, really not too bad. The previous two days I walked 4-5 miles with the girls - today I just got off the eliptical while Taylor napped. I ate snacks at a Moms Club activity, so I am eating carrots and frozen blueberries while I update my blog.

Here are a few pictures from our trip in random order....

This is a picture of me and baby redhead. This was taken by my 6 year old niece. This was at a Children's museum.

This is a picture of us at my cousin's wedding.

Here are all the kids -
backrow R-L ~ Matthew (4), Andrew (7) & Alexandra (3)
Front row R-L ~ Peter (9) holding Spencer (1), Lillian (3) and Jeannette (6) holding Taylor (1).

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