Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, today has been a busy day. We completed our passport of parks sponsered by the Bismark Parks & Rec Dept. We visited 7 of the 8 parks listed and had to answer a trivia question about them. It was really fun to go to new parks around the city. Today we went to 2 that are around the zoo. We went to one, then toured the zoo for a few hours (we have a membership and go about once a week), then went to another park and had a picnic. We turned in the books and the girls each got a shirt, gatorade and a few small toys. Taylor bearly can wear a 2T and the smallest shirts they had were a Youth Small! Oh well, who cares if she wears it in 2-4 years! Last night I went to MNO with Moms Club. This was really good for me to get out. Not only to get away from the snotty nosed, teething baby - but to talk to other Moms. I realized that working out makes me a better Mom. That 20-45 minutes I take of ME time makes me better. So, this morning I found myself awake at 7 am with a quiet house. So, I snuck downstairs to do the eliptical. Along with walking at the zoo and eating good today, I feel so much better! There is more though - I am taking the girls swimming with my MIL later today. We should all sleep well tonight!

Here are a few random pics of me that Alex took. I was shocked when I saw them!

This is me posing with Taylor.... I guess it is nothing too special since I am sitting.
This is the one that got me the most.
I think I look so skinny in this picture!
I know it is not cool to toot your own horn, but I am impressed!
This makes me want to continue to eat right and work out!

Not as great as the last pic, but this shows a front on visual.
Typical Mom ponytail!


  1. You look HOT in those pics!!! You deserver to toot your horn!!! WAY TO GO MAMA!!!

  2. You are so stinking cute!! Isn't the mom ponytail a lifesaver :) I wanted you to hop on over to my blog & pick up your award XoXo