Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm a blob

It has been a rough two days.

Today is night 4 of 4 for my husband, any Mom will understand what I am taking about. The dread of the last day of work, the expectant relief of help over the horizon.

I ate an entire chocolate pound cake last night and today. I was craving chocolate last night, so I made this luscious Tastefully Simple Chocolate Pound Cake that was calling me from the cupboard. The husband had some this morning when he got home, but I think that is it. Oink, I know.

I popped the top on a bottle of wine last night and had a glass. Bummed due to *that time of the month*, I drank a glass.

Today, the kids were absolutely driving me crazy (we went grocery shopping then oraginzing). I guess I have gotten climatized to North Dakota. Here it is August. My friends in Texas and Kansas are seeing how low the A/C can go and how little clothes it is legal to go out of the house in. Well, we live in North Dakota. Not that it has been warm this summer AT ALL.... However, I brought a heaping box of winter clothes for Taylor (aka baby redhead) upstairs. I have them all put away, taking out summer clothes she has worn to make room for them. Sadly, she is such a peanut that I will be pulling these same clothes out when spring hits because most of the 2T's in her closet and drawer still do not fit. It is almost sad to look at these clothes I am putting in Taylor's closet and realize that a lot of them Alex wore when we moved here (she was 23 months). Some, I know Alex got for Christmas when she was 14 months - and they still do not fit little sister at 19 months. :o) I love my peanut!

So.... before dinner, I started drinking more. I had another 2 glasses of wine before and with dinner. Do you think my cheesy vegetable soup (from healthy cooking magazine) counteracts my eating sins? Or does my can of Coke Zero wipe out the wine?

Today is the start of cycle 4, trying for baby #3, round 2. This is the reason for the eating, drinking and depression. I want to be knocked up already.


  1. I hope that you get knocked up very soon dear.

    The liquor helped with conceiving at least one of my children...

  2. I have been right where you are sweetie... the ttc is never a fun roller coaster, but know that it will happen....HUGS

    Don't worry about the 'blob' moments...we all have them... LOVE YA GIRLIE!!!