Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Princess Room

We redecorated the girls room this week after finding used bunk beds for only $80! We did not plan to get big beds until winter, but with this deal - we HAD to! So... here are the pics of the girls room. The is the before! Look how little Alex looks. This was Nov/Dec 2007 when we moved into our house. The polka dots were cute but a PITA to cover!
These are the girls new beds. Not pine as I would have liked, but $80 not $500! I made the girls tie blankets out of pink princess fleece on one side and hot pink on the other.
(2 1/4 yards makes a twin) Who can resist a soft feelce blanket?!
The toy box was Christmas gift, but matches great! I made sheer pink curtains that are a pale pink shimmer. They are bearly visable.

This is the view when you walk in the room. Taylor's dresser is also pine and will go next to the doll house. The doll house was a Birthday gift last year made by my in-laws.

This is the wall when you walk into their room.

I had to put the night stand back in the room, as much as I hoped not to. Alex has to have access to the CD player or she will climb the dresser to get it. They have many song CD's and books on CD that Alex plays for them.

I painted this when we first moved her, 21 months ago. I have marked Alex's height as she has grown.

I know this doesn't match, but they aren't the same either! Here is Taylor's name. I have marked her height at the bottom of the wall since she was 13 months.

This is the view of Alex's dresser and doll house. I have porcelean dolls she got for gifts sitting out. Above her dresser is the "Baby's First Year" frame with pics from 1-12 months.
Also the shelf above that with 3 photos are ultrasound pics that were from her baby shower.

This is the same view, but shows Taylor's ultrasound pics, matted in green (7, 12, 19 & 37 weeks) Also next to that is Taylor's "Baby's First Year" pics in the frame.

This is a close up of thier beds. Under are 6 drawers that go all the way to the wall.


  1. It turned out very cute! I must say, those stuffed animal shelves are a good idea. I should have Tony mount some of those in G's room. The boys will have 1/2 wall in their rooms where they can display stuffed animals and stuff. Are the princesses stick-ons? I should look for some of those for G's room.

  2. It is careful , she'll want Twilight in a couple of years, so stock up !! LOL

  3. Looks awesome!!! You guys did an amazing job and on an awesome budget too :)