Sunday, August 9, 2009


While I was in college, my parents bought the farm.
The land was origionally my Great Grandfather's Grandparents land.
My parents moved a house out there and took care of my Great Grandparents until they passed.
Probably about the time Alex was born, or the spring before, my parents invested in Alpacas.
You can read more about Alpacas on my parents website,
So, these are more vacation pics, but only of the alpacas or the girls and the alpacs.
Here are the girls playing in the pool.
I think that the Alpacas were jealous because it was really hot.

Here is Taylor feeding.
I love how the Alpaca stepped in the way to block Alex out of the shot.

Here is my Mom the farmer. :o)
I never thought farmers wore flip flops or matched them to their shirts!
It was hot and she was having helpers feed the herd.

This is Taylor posing at the door of the Alpacas.

One of the babies, I think her name is Zeeva.
I may be wrong, it may have spelled it wrong too.

Here is Taylor sniffing noses with one of the Alpacas.

Here are the girls at the fence of the Alpaca's. They really had a good time feeding the Alpacas with Nana.
Here is a shot of the girls at feeding time.

Another random Alpaca picture.

My parents make great quality items out of the Alpacas fleece, this is the main part of the business. They make sweaters, socks, coasters, scarfs, etc. Visit their farm store on their website to see their great work!
I have 4-5 alpaca scarves now, so chances are if you see me wearing a scarf, it's alpaca!

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  1. I have the most comfortable socks that were made of alpaca when we lived in the Cities, but somehow they got lost in the move ( I actually think Chad threw them away because he HATED THEM)... I think I need to do me some shopping at your parents site :)