Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random posting

I was just looking in our walk-in closet (off the toy-room), to find a pair of size 16 bramuda shorts I promised to take my sis when we visit. While looking, I found several shirts and several shorts and capris that fit. I am amazed that they are a size 10-13 (yes, I hung on to a few junior sized clothes!). I also found two different shirts that I bought to wear for the 4th of July parade last year. I may wear one again this year (if your promise not to notice), instead of the grey one that I bought this year. So, there it is - totally random that I now and wearing a 10-12 instead of the 14-16 I was last summer. With the grace of God, I will get pregnant soon and need those "other" boxes with the stretchy waists. :o)

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