Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Age question answered!

Well, since I found out I was pregnant, the question remained if I would be 32 when I delivered (prior to 38w, 2d) or if I would be 33 (after 38w, 3d). Well, I turned 33 today, so that question is answered. So far, we made breakfast, I walked on the treadmill, got ready and went to lunch at Red Lobster. After lunch I came home and took a nap. :o) Now, we are having family over in about an hour for a pizza dinner. I will focus mainly on salad so I can have a piece of my fabulous ice cream cake from Coldstone. Okay, I linked the cakes, I have the peanut butter playground in my freezer as I type. I wanted to dig into it earlier....

So far, the husband gave me a Starbucks giftcard, I got $25 from my parents and $20 from my FIL. I am already planning to go next week for a pedicure so I have pretty feet when I have this baby. Of course, I have already had my fair share of contrax, so I guess I would let baby come out even if I have ugly feet!

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