Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby's nursery

So, after our inconvenient timing with our crib's recall, here is the baby's nursery. I am well aware that the woods do not match, but what are we going to do?

The crib and changing table match (which my Mother-in-Law bought and brought us yesterday) and the dresser (Picture below) matches our twin bed that we have in storage. The toy box was made by my Step-Father-In-Law for Taylor's 1st birthday - but we have no where else to put it. He has two grandchildren (three with Taylor) that were born all born from Halloween through the end of January (what is that - 3 months?). Here is the crib and changing table. There are baskets on the changing table that contain diapers and wipes, bibs, towels and burp cloths. I bought espresso baskets from Signature Homestyles at a party I did last year. As well as the car seat sitting on top of the changing table.

This is the other side of the room. The white cabinet has blankets in it - the box on the dresser is a snack pack that a friend made me for when the baby is born! (How sweet!!) The blanket on the glider was made by my parents. They have an Alpaca Ranch in Oregon, so this is made of pure alpaca.

So, with 10 days before my due date, the nursery is finally ready for the baby!!!

I walked 1.5 miles today and yesterday at 3 miles an hour (quick for a 9 month pregnant lady!!)

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