Friday, May 7, 2010

Snow in May?!

Really, is this necessary?? When I went to bed last night there was still just rain. I woke up this morning to white stuff at least where I can see on the deck. Hello Mother Nature!! It is MAY! We are supposed to have sunny skies, warm temps to let our kids outside to play and lots of flowers to look at! Days like this, I do not think I have "settled" into North Dakota.... not that it is warm or nice in Oregon where I am from - but I bet flowers are blooming (oh, wait - oh neighbors here had flowers blooming last week too - they are probably dead now!). Despite the thunderstorms (and occasional tornado), I liked the Kansas weather. Well, I say that loosely.... I hated the 100 degree humid summers, so I guess if I want to escape the KS heat, I have to take the ND snow?!

Well, I guess our Coffee and Chat this morning will be inside at the mall.

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