Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life of a Mom of 3

You probably noticed that for the last month, I have been horrible at blogging. Well, as a new Mom of 3, I do not get downstairs to use the computer much- to check email let alone blog.

For 6 days now, I have made a commitment to run a mile on the treadmill during Taylor's nap, so I have been downstairs once a day. Dylan sleeps or watches me from the swing. Alex watches cartoons and plays in the toy room. I am now up to a 12 minute mile or 5 miles per hour. Slowly but surely, I will get into shape - and a shape that is less round.

So, as a new Mom of 3, I think that I keep the house cleaner - because I am on the computer less. My kids watch the same amount of cartoons... I have resorted to freezer meals (pre-made pre-baby) while the husband is working. I need to work on drinking more water, especially before 11 am and not eating so many sweets. I vow that after the current treats are gone, I will not make more. THEN maybe I will lose weight. This week's weigh in was no change. I can wear jeans now - though they are tighter than I like... I just need to further deflate this belly....

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  1. We just moved our computer upstairs. I'm a writer. I need to write more, and spend time with the kids more, and spend less time in the choke hazard rec room basement. We'll see how it goes! My house is cleaner too now, but that is because the babies are mobile and we are trying to keep them ALIVE!