Sunday, June 6, 2010

The newborn

So, I am one handed typing as I feed the baby with the other. I am adjusting to 3 kids well. I am shocked that my baby is almost a month old!!! We went to the zoo for a few hours today because the husband was sleeping and the two older kids were driving me crazy!! I fed the newborn twice and had to carry her in the sling most of the time... but it was a good trip. We did a picnic lunch and got home for all 3 to nap. :o)

Before #1 & #3 napped though, Dylan pooped while she was eating. I swear this kid is 'insert nipple to poop'. Well, she was wearing a two piece outfit, short and a tank - but the poop came out the back of her diaper. She avoided getting poop on her AT ALL and it ran all over the crotch of my navy blue pants instead. I grabbed the burp rag and wiped up a little, took her to her room to clean her up (diaper change).

The eldest child is still in my face and the baby's ALL THE TIME.... she has not tried to pick her up, but it is very annoying...

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  1. Andrew had to eat to got old!

    Sorry #1 is still in your face. Maybe some positive reinforcement of fruit snacks or something when she IS NOT in your face! See you tomorrow:)